The Sustainable Development and Culture Council of The Excellency of Azuqueca de Henares City Government, through the Municipal Apiculture School, announces the following apiculture photography contest, ruled by the following 




PARTICIPNTS: Any citizen or entity in any country in the world may participate in this contest.


TOPIC:  The topic to expound will be apiculture in any of its aspects, biology, flora, products, bee hives and bee yards, customs and uses, commerce, promotion, art, etc. 

The human presence will be especially appraised in this edition.

Photographs must be original and unpublished.

There will be an additional prize for published photographs of historic or artistic value.  


TECHNIQUE: All, including digital photography, in black and white or color.


CATEGORIES: The Following categories are established.

Single photographs.

Reports:  Three to five photographs per theme.

Historic photographs


PRESENTATION:  Photographs may be presented:

In unframed paper and must have a minimum size of 13X18 cm.

In informatics support, CD etc.

By E-mail to aulaapicola@gmail.com

The number of photographs per author shall be limited to five, in either report or single form.  


MAILING:  Photographs shall be mailed free of charge to:

VIII Concurso Internacional de Fotografía Apícola

Concejalía de Desarrollo Sostenible

Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Azuqueca de Henares

19200 Guadalajara, Spain

Or by E-mail to aulaapicola@gmail.com

Each photograph shall include the next information: title of the presentation, name and address of the author, identity card or passport number, short curriculum vitae or explanation of the photograph (5 -10 lines max.)  and e-mail address in case you have it, and the category in which the author desires to participate. (Report, single or historic).  


TIME LIMIT:  Photographs may be submitted from the date of announcement of the rules for presentation until April 30, 2008.  


JUDGES:  Judges will be formed by personnel of the Culture and Sustainable Development council as well as by persons from photograph entities and presided by his Excellency the Mayor or his designee, whose decision is not contestable.


PRIZES.  The following prizes are established.

Individual photograph category:

First prize:  750 Euros and title.

Second prize: 500 Euros and title.

Third prize: 400 Euros and title.

Report category: (3 to 5 photographs) for this entry there shall be only one prize 750 Euros and title.

Historic category:  400 Euros and title.

Payment of prizes shall be made net after deduction of transfer fees and taxes.


ANNOUNCEMENT: The wining photographs shall be published on May 20, 2008 in newspapers, trade magazines, Internet, etc. winners shall be notified in person.

Winning photographs shall become property of the City Council of Azuqueca de Henares who may request the original negatives, slides or computer discs.  


PRESENTATION: Participating photographs will be shown at Azuqueca de Henares from May 20 to June 30, 2008. 

The selected photographs shall also be show at an itinerant exhibition, which will be offered free to whom it may concern until April 30 2009.  

Selected photographs also shall be show at a virtual exhibition at the web   www.aulaapicolaazuqueca.com /


CATALOGUE: Whit the selection of photos, a full colour catalogue will be edited. Near every photo will appear the data of every author. An issue of this catalogue will be send free to every participant.  


RETURN OF NON-WINNING PHOTOGRAPHS: All the photographs that are not awarded a prize shall be mailed  free to the author once finished the exposition term only if the author demand it demand it at presentation time. The rest will bee part of the Municipal Apiculture school archives with reference to the author. 


TITLE: All the participants will receive a justifying title. 

Participation in this contest implies total acceptance of the rules of the contest.  

aulaapicola@gmail.com   www.aulaapicolaazuqueca.com